Every Lock is different 
Our Lockstmiths are knowledg- able and professional. We are able to recode almost every lock in a short time frame. For example, if you need only one key for every door in your house - come to us!
High Quality Pins 
High quality pins prevent  problems with locks and guarantee long life. We only use the best value material to give you the best for your money and for your safety.
Special Equipment 
To recode your lock to a new key it is only necessary that you bring us the locks in our shop or call us for service at your place. We will recode them and give you as many keys as you need for every lock. 
Could be much cheaper 
Depending on what kind of lock you have and what kind of security you need. my be it is cheaper to recode your locks instead of buying new ones. Check it out!   
Recode instead of buying new!
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