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The Security and Vacuum Company
We deal with Inkas and Brawn products  Security Safes protect jewellery, cash and can be  securely bolted down, heavy, or cast in concret. Underfloor Safes protect from theft by being encased in concrete, and are out of sight. Fire Safes are used to protect paper and documents (ie birth certificates, passports etc) from fire. Media Safes protect plastic media and any plastic items from fire.  
Find your Safe Before purchasing a safe there are some key questions you should ask yourself: 1) What do you want to protect? ie, Documents, Cash, Jewellery, Computer Data 2) From what? Fire or Theft? If Fire, are the items paper or plastic? If Theft, what are the value of the items in mone- tary terms or sentimental terms?
Insurance is Important It is therefore essential that you select the correct product with the appropriate use and insurance rating for your requirements. We will help you to find the proper Safe. Give us a call.  
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