• Alarm Systems

  • Our security alarm systems solutions include:

    • Smart Phone alarm systems that alert you to activity sensors and records  video directly to your tablet or smart phone
    • Automated home/business security system with digital locks connected to your alarm System
    • CCTV Systems
    • Access Control
    • Back to base Monitoring
    • Alarms that alerts your mobile phone
    • Motion detection
    • Panic Buttons
    • Wireless devices
    • Hard wired security

    We’ll inform you with the options that are available within your unique situation, sharing our knowledge with you is how you can feel certain that the solution you choose will be the right fit, first time.  We specialize in the complex, difficult and unusual.  We help you get the right security system for you, as each business and home situation and living/working habits are unique to each situation.

    Brisbane has had a decreasing (at most times) crime rate due to better home and business systems that are more advanced than criminal abilities.  More businesses and residential clients are being proactive in their business/home security.

  • Home Security

    We offer a vast range of easy and efficient security systems that enable you to monitor your home remotely with the flip of a switch.

    We install CCTV, Alarms and access control systems to keep your home safe while you are away. Give workers or family members access when needed and check in on the pets and teenagers while you’re at work!  In fact if you can think of something that you want your alarm system to do we can help you make it happen.

    Our technicians will assess your individual situation and recommend solutions that meet all your expectations and fit well within your budget.

  • Commercial Security

    Our commercial security solutions will help improve staff and property security based on each individual business needs.  We offer a range of CCTV cameras, Access control systems, Motion sensor alarms, and Smoke alarms linked directly to the Fire Brigade.

    All systems we install can be remotely accessed and directly monitored from your office computer, tablet or smartphone. Too busy to monitor yourself? Not a problem! We offer full-service security Monitoring which will keep a close eye on your business to ensure everything is in check.

    Our technicians will assess your business and property needs and recommend solutions that meet all your expectations and fit well within your budget.

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