• Commercial Locksmith

  • As a business owner, you know how important security is for your business. What most people don’t realize is even a lost key can be a breach in the security of your business. When the day is over the last thing any business owner wants to worry about while locking up are missing keys. No business owner wants a break in, and your lock hardware is the last line of defense protecting you. If you discover that keys are missing, we will be there fast to change the lock hardware and replace the keys.

  • Rest assured your business is safe with us. We’ll make sure all your security needs are taken care of. We service factories, offices, commercial buildings, and stores. Charlie´s Security has earned the reputation of being the most dependable locksmith service in Fort McMurray.

    Professional Service
        Our service technicians are certified on all the major brands of lock hardware available today. We are constantly upgrading their training as new hardware systems are introduced. This means no matter what your security concern is, we will be there with the professional skills you need for an expert solution.

    Around the Clock Service
        Our around the clock service and expert commercial technicians have built a reputation for excellence because we satisfy all our customers’ security needs. Regardless of when you need us, we’ll be there. 

    Lock Out Service
        Emergency door opening services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Our commercial service takes pride in the fact they respond quickly to our customer’s needs. If you get locked out, call us, and we’ll get you back in fast.

        Re-keying and lock replacement services are available. You should consider this for lost keys and if you are at a new location. Many times in commercial real estate all the keys are not turned over. They have either gone missing over time, or simply misplaced in the sale or rental.The best advice to keep your security is to re-key or change the locks.Unfortunately it’s also advisable to replace or re-key your locks if you have disgruntled ex-employees for security reasons.

    Master key Systems and High-Security Lock Operations
    Our experience to serve you with advice on what system will suite you best. We can design, build, and install systems that will keep your business secure.

    Filing Cabinet Lock Maintenance and Replacement

    Over time locks on filing cabinets wear. We offer service on every lock detail you can envision. Instead of purchasing new filing cabinets We can refurbish or replace the existing locks.

    Filing Cabinet Opening Service
        When your keys break or your lock wears out Charlie´s can get your filing cabinet open again. We also offer padlock and locker opening services.

    Access Control Systems
        We can custom design security grills, gates, and bars to keep your building or security sensitive areas of it safe. We can supply and install mechanical digital locks, and electronic digital access control systems. You can be sure when we are on the job, your buildings, areas, or rooms will be safe.

    Electronic Keypads and Keyless Entries
        We offer a wide array of keyless entry options. These are a great choice when you need to give access but don’t want to give out keys. The codes can be changed anytime to suite your security needs.

    Changes on Safe Combinations or New Safe Installations
        Our expert locksmiths can change your safe combinations to suite your security needs. Normally combinations are changed when employees with access leave a company. This simple precautionary step will ensure the security of your valuables.

    Panic Bar Installation
        Panic bars are a necessity for areas that have high public traffic. Installing a panic bar ensures both your security when locked, and easy egress in case of an emergency.

    We provide car door unlocking and emergency lock repairs. If you lock your keys inside your car and don’t have a spare, give us a call at 780-743-2462.
    We’ll be there to help. We can handle any type of lock and get you going again.


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