Alarm System

Your home or business is your refuge. Unfortunately, crime rates, has caused levels of anxiety never before experienced. No matter where you live these days, you and your family can fall victim to crime.

Police alone cannot provide the level of security you need to stay safe, and today’s security savvy are turning to security alarm systems, as a way to stay safe and secure.

With the latest in security systems now available, peace and security is simply a call away. Charlies Security has worked with home and business security systems for years.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Most alarms systems installed by us are 100% wireless. We use top of line, field-proven wireless technology, which provide the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solutions for security protection.

Some wireless components used are:

  • Door & Window Sensors
  • Glass Break Detector Shock Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Wireless Keypads

Many don’t realize that a alarm system can be engaged from anywhere, by remote control via iPhone, Android or Blackberry. No matter where you are worldwide, you can activate your alarm system if necessary. While on vacation your security system can be armed, and if there is an intrusion you will be notified instantly. You’ll have the comfort of returning to your home, knowing that there is no one on the premises, and your family is safe and secure.

Should someone enter your home when the alarm is armed, they’ll be greeted by a loud siren warning them to leave as security is on its way. The central control station will dispatch authorities immediately, who will then take any necessary actions to secure your home or business.

Monitoring your Alarm System

To maximize the benefits of your alarm system, Charlies Security offers monitoring services, which can be integrated with any alarm security system which we sell and install for your home.  Having your alarm system monitored ensures that, in case of emergency, the right person or authority is contacted immediately.

Charlies Security is your 24 hour monitoring solution in Fort McMurry. Today’s buildings need protection 24 hours a day, every week of the year. We offer the best wireless security systems and customized hardware security systems available in today’s marketplace.

With years of security alarm and monitoring experience, Charlies Security can advise you on the best system for your home or business, and have it installed professionally by our technicians.

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