Safe opening & repair

Because of constant use, atmospheric exposure, or a number of other factors, a safe can become damaged over time. When this happens, the safe’s ability to keep important items secure becomes compromised. In these situations, it’s important to have a trained professional repair the safe back to its optimal working condition. Our trusted locksmith team is capable of offering our high-quality repair services that are able to cover all types of damage for your safe.

In addition to safe repair, we’re also able to open your safe in case you find yourself unable to open it through regular means. Just like with any other lock, if enough pressure is applied to it, a safe will open. However, this is a bad idea since this forceful approach will likely compromise the effectiveness of the safe in the long run. We’re able to use our technical expertise to open the safe in a protective way, and without causing damage to your safe or any of your valuables that are inside of it.

Changing your safe’s combination lock is a good idea to boost your security – especially if you have had employees operating a lock who no longer work for you. Each time a person who has access to your safe leaves your company for any reason, you should get your safe’s combination changed. It’s a fast, simple, and affordable process that should only take a few minutes. Give us a call and we’ll fly right in and out!

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