Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance can save life!

Unfortunately there are many cases where it is necessary to control and protect areas with a video and alarm system.

We offer and install system based on your needs.  For every Surveillance System it is very important to know your requirements. Proper hardware and installation can make the difference between an useless and a useful system!

What is a Surveillance System?

Security surveillance systems consist of security cameras and a recorder. The cameras capture and record footage of particular areas for future reference in case of an unforeseen event. You can choose between IP, analogue and wireless systems based on your specific needs.

Surveillance systems have become popular choices for homes and businesses because of their ability to deter intruders and capture suspicious activities.

The best way to get the right Security System   At first you need to consider your system needs. That means: how many cameras, the positions, b/w or color, outdoor or indoor, light situation, night viewing, the connection, PTZ or fixed angle, etc.

As you can see there are a lot of questions which have to be clarified before you can choose the right system.

We will help you to find what fits your needs!

Make an appointment today and we will visit you at your place to check the requirements and confer about the best system for you!

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